I’m back! I can’t tell you how awesome it feels (other than the altitude). I moved in yesteday to the the same little cabin as last year. The kitties immediately felt at home, as did I. I don’t even really have words to describe how good it feels. It’s more than just feeling “at home”. It’s a feeling that no matter how stressful work, my job, and commuting was back in the Steel City, just being back here makes it all worth it. Not that the Steel City is the only route to being here every summer, but for now it pays the rent.

The air smells great, the mountains look beautiful, the streams are high and fast and I bet they are filled with trout!

Did I say it feels great to be back? Expect to see more blogging these next 2 monhts.

PS Sorry about the medal pics…the camera got packed, so they’ll have to wait until September. 🙁