You never want to be labeled, “an interesting case”. And frankly, there are very few interesting cases left. By this time in my residency, not to mention for the staff docs, pretty much 100% of the patients you see suffer from some variation of an “ordinary” disease. Sure, some are more exciting than others and some are less common. But the VERY rare or VERY exciting ones are safe to be labled as “interesting”.

I’ve had a whole SLEW of them this week, all clustered together!

#1) Anticholinergic Crisis (wrote about her already)
#2) Aortic disection from T7 to bifurcation presenting as mesenteric ischemia
#3) Porphyria! (Even the hematologist scratched his head when I asked his advice for acute tx) (fluids with glucose, by the way)
#4) I’m not going to give it away just yet because I’ll post separately on him, but it was a man who presented with chest pain one evening, and the next day presented to his PCP with mild hematemesis (vomiting blood) without melena (blood in his poop). Start working on your Differentials!