Wow…did you see that F**King AWESOME Pregame show tonight? Yeah, yeah sure, the Steelers won teh game, but D*MN, that pregame show was amazing. I’m not talking about the music…I’m talking about how beautiful the city looked! I’ve been to lots of cities taht are considered beautiful…VAncouver, SEattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Paris…but all of them paled in comparison to the Steel City tonight.

That opening sequence from the air was a view seldom shown on TV…Directly west of the city (over teh Ohio river), looking almost straight down onto the stadium, but far enough away that you could see both the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers snaking upstream…all in the light of the setting sun, with an orange-lavender sky and the buildings lit like jewels.

But that was just teh start of it…as teh sun set, the city lights seemed brighter, and the bridges lit up with spotlights. The entire pregame show culimated in a thrilling fireworks display with pyrotechnics igniting the sky from the rooftops of three of the cities tallest buildings.

Damn it was nice. And how about #32, #88, #47 & #68 on the field? (Franco Harris, Lynn Swam, Mel Blount and L.C. Greenwood)

I was hoping that #12 (Terry Bradshaw) would actually stop by, but no luck.

Then to top off the whole precession, THE BUS (Jerome Bettis, #36) drives right onto the field and hops out of a big yellow school bus…he looked ecstatic, and I bet he wished he was wearing black and gold instead of pinstripes.

Now I understand why the mayor had his funeral today…he couldn’t see the game from his hospital bed, or while lying in state. But when he was finally burried, he could see the game from the best vantage point possible…wherever he wanted to be.

So…who else saw it?