I just finished a 13 1/2 hour shift, and spent 36 of the previous 48 hours sleeping and delerious. I have a horrendous sore throat. My voice is almost gone though, and I’ll bet by the end of my next 12 hour shift it will be completely gone. How can I see patients if I can’t speak? BEing delerious would have been fun, except that it was a crappy way to spend my 2 days off. And if you’re going to be delerious, I’d reccomend skipping the headache and joint pains. The benedryl, however, I couldn’t have done without.

I’m too worn out to really think about my day, but a few notable patients:

-the anxious man whom I gave a script for ativan who called back an hour later saying he lost it

-the 12 year old with classic textbook symptoms of appendicits in whom I skipped a belly CT and the surgeons took him straight to the OR (yay me for making a clinical diagnosis of appy!)

-The man with a 31,000 white cell count and a creatinine of 6.2 who sat in the ED for about 10 hours while medicine and surgery pissed over who would admit him.

-the nurse who pulled me aside at the end of my shift to tell me about his burning urination