Now that Dr. Gene’s ’05 (?’04) is selling his own mugs on Blogborygmi, and Hermes is selling “Trust Me I’m Your Doctor” Thongs…I think that Doc Shazam needs some paraphanalia. I need a logo. Can anyone help?

Patients say funny things that I write down sometimes to provide a chuckle when I think I’ll need it. Like the lady today who ended up in the ICU because she had to be “incubated” while in MRI. (She meant intubated).

Wish me luck on Step 3 of the USMLE tomorrow and wednesday. I talked to two people recently who *gasp* failed it! One of them called the USMLE to find out why and they said he got ZERO points for the entire second day of the test. If that doesn’t sound like a computerized test taking glitch I don’t know what does. Now I’m paranoid.