Any other Blogger users dig the new layout? So far I like it better.

I’m still recovering from the surgery. Back pain is much, much better, but I’m still beset with leg pain. I think it’s muscular pain from overuse. Everyday I feel a little bit better so I do a little bit more, then pay for it the next day. Yesterday I put on socks and SHOES for the first time. AND I went for a very short walk down my smooth asphalt alley way. I can see the end of the alley from my house, it’s about 1/2 – 3/4 mile round trip, I think. I’ll have to work up to that. I have a post-op visit tomorrow that I’m axious about. My symptoms came on so fast that this prolonged neuropathic pain is a little concerning. The surgeon said that my nerve root was flattened like a ribbon, so I guess it will need some time for healing and I can probably expect some different sensations with that.

I have successfully identified at least two of the sparrow species in my backyard..the chipping sparrow with a distinct “chestnut” or reddish crown, and the house sparrow with a black spot on it’s throat. I know it’s not the black throated sparrow because those occur only in the southwest. I can identify the female house sparrow as well, but I think that I have at least one other sparrow species too.

I spend a lot of my non-sleeping/non-resting time reading, and have just finished Downhill, by Marla Streb. A great book about how a 25 year old research scientist gave up her academic career to pursue professional mountain bike racing. Very inspirational!

A vocabulary list of words from the book that I didn’t know: Ascetism, miasma, peloton, ablutions, reification, telegenic. I’m about to look them up on

I’ve begun a little bit of my monthly reading assignment for my residency and I’m slowly working on some IRB forms for my research projects. I guess hanging around the house isn’t that bad.