Some random thoughts from the past few shifts:

1) The cardioversion lady is doing well. Came into the ED today and said she is glad she doesn’t remember me. She never said thank you, but in the back of my mind, I just kept thinking to myself that she would be dead if I hadn’t intervened with her problems. Whatever.

2) Pediatric elbows are easy to reduce.

3) It’s OK to slack on charting when you’re really busy, but life is a lot easier if you’re up to date on charting.

4) I’m reasonably comfortable with most problems I see in the ER.

5) Life threatening problems are easier to treat than patients who arrive with high expectations and non-life threatening problems.

6) I am more than just a triage doc with ACLS/PALS certification! Not that I need to convince myself of this, but it irks me that some docs really think this of ER docs.

Sorry, not a very interesting post, but i felt obligated to update my loyal readers.