Todays shift was as if somebody opened up a fire hydrant at our front doors and flooded the department with sick, sick patients. I think I admitted 10 patients today and sent another 10 home. I was afraid to touch another chart because I knew they would be too sick to send home. I helped save the life of a man I never met by calling the interventional cardiologist in for a man having “the big one” at a hospital about 30 minutes away by ground, five minutes by air. I dispatched the helicopter and he went straight to our cath lab. I admitted two other non ST segment elevation MIs as well. One man was a minimizer as we like to say and ended up in the fast track with “bursitis”. Our fast track doc went in to see him and tried to push on the bursitis to reproduce the pain. ‘No, that doesn’t hurt doc. It’s just this overwhelming pressure that goes down into my chest.’ He was having a heart attack too, but not quite “the big one”.

I also performed a conscious sedation, reduced an indirect inguinal hernia in a 9 month old, diagnosed renal failure, admitted panniculitis, consulted facial trauma and opthomology for a motorcycle accident patient…it went on and on and on.

We had about a dozen motorcycle accidents today, which is far fewer than I would have expected. There was a motorcycle rally benefit ride today for the childrens hospital. The entire parking lot was reserved for motorcyclists gathering for the charity ride and families with small children lined the sidewalks to watch the motorcycles drive by. I was tyring to get some sleep after working until 1AM last night, but it was impossible with all the noise. Hardly any of them were wearing helmets!