Sorry…make that concentric circles and fields of kittens.

The smallest loop around the lake (without getting wet) is about 4-5 miles, but bikes are not allowed. I had to take my first bike rides “around” the lake by doing smaller partial loops, going down one side, turning away from the lake and circling back in. An hour or so on gravel roads alongside Amish teenagers on horseback is a great way to spend a summer evening. But as I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve expanded my loops, first turning to the east of the lake, then to the west of the lake.

Finally, the other day, I went for it…a full circle. I had no idea how far it would be, but was fairly certain I could do it. I finally added a complete concentric circle to the forbidden footpath around the lake. About halfway around, as I trudged up a long steep hill, I passed a perfect farm on my left, with a red farm house, a weathered barn, a cornfield, and a plowed field of hay next to the road. As I almost did track stands on my way up the hill, a family of about six kittens gathered in the mowed hay to watch me work. THey lined up, one by one, a calico, an orange fluff, a black fuzzy, a white puff, taking a break from hunting field mice, just long enough to see me to pedal by.