What a pain in the butt this ride was. I much prefer the massive bedrock slabs and contoured grooves to this trail, described as “smooth singletrack” in the guidebook, itwas anything but. Endless miles of 3 foot wide sand trail smothered in loose, square sided softball sized rocks. Every single rock required a muscle or balance move to roll over, move aside or steer around. With a hardtail bike, this became old quickly. I had alread come to the conclusion that I needed a full suspension bike to avoid repetitive trauma to my low back from the hardtail…but if the only reason is to roll over crap like this trail, then I’d rather give up mountain biking. Fortunately, there are scores of other rides available. Give me Lions Gulch or Hall Ranch anyday over this rubble. Even Johnny park is better than this.

Oh yeah, a bad day of mountain biking beats a good day at work! 😉