Triathlon training is going very well. I’m in week 11 of a 16 week program to do a sprint distance triathlon (except the bike is 24 miles, not 12 and the run is 4 miles, not 3) at the end of May. It’s actually pretty close to an olympic distance triathlon, except for the swim.

I am quickly starting to think that biking, not swimming may be my favorite of the three. It’s definately not running, but I am getting better slowly. last week was my best week of all with my fastest 500yd swim (9:53), my fastest 50yard swim (1:36), and my longest bike ride since my surgery (26miles), actually, only second to the ride I did in Ecuador from the Andes to teh Amazon (36 miles), which granted, was mostly downhill.

It feels pretty good to be inside my body right now!