WHen I first started blogging, I was determined to post only medical anecdotes…funny & interesting stories of the human spirit, patient interactions and things I’d learned from patients. The stories were easy to come by…out of the dozen or more patients I saw every day, surely one was a fun, interesting experience.

But of late, if you’ve noticed, all I blog about is frustration. Why the change? Can anyone explain this to me?

When I think of today’s patients to try and blog about, all that comes to mind is the Type I diabetic whose stupid father skipped his past 2 endocrinology appointments. The boys mother had to bring him in for nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain after being told by an opthamologist to only drink clear liquids for one entire week! The whole story seemed very strange to me, but there was no mystery about his diagnosis. Diabetic ketoacidosis, where a viscious cycle of the starving brain utilizing fats for energy, and the resulting ketones causing a lifethreatening build up of acidic blood. What doctor (opthamologist or otherwise) would tell a patient to drink only clear liquids for a week…let alone a TYPE ONE DIABETIC! I think the parents must have misinterpreted things. At first I felt sorry for the boy, stuck between not just one stupid parent, but two. Then I remembered a comment from our endocrinologist in the Pediatric ICU, that the Type 1 diabetics with frequent episodes of DKA, usually had serious social/home/parental difficulties that precluded intelligent management of their diabetes. After the brief intelectual stimulation from refreshing myself on the insulin doses & drips for DKA, all I was left with was the impression of frustration that the boys mother didn’t take more personal investment in helping manage her son’s disease (because Dad obviously wasn’t capable).

Why am I no longer touched emotionally by this? WHy don’t I feel compassion for the boy? Why did I not want to spend one second longer in that patients room getting more history? I can’t blog without sharing my frustration with you, and I apoligize.