Just plain old life things.

Going from nights to days is a hard transition, but nights to afternoons is even harder. I’ve been up till 5AM every night, still on my night schedule, then I sleep about 8 hours, wake up exhausted and go to work. Ugh. TOday we had 7AM lectures, so I got only2 hours sleep. I forced myself to stay up afterwards and not nap to help reset my clock so at least I can get something done tomorrow morning.

Raining, raining, raining all day. Swam a bit. Took care of recycling. Stopped over to the coffee shop for a pick-me-up espresso, (cuban style), then back to work. i have to wear the monkey suit tonight (flight suit), but I havn’t heard the chopper fly all day because of the weather.

Less boring things next time, more stories.