Although this time,not quite as sick. A listing, in no particular order, of the patients I saw last night…

-5 month old baby who fell off a chair

-corrections officer with a thumb injury from a patient struggle

-fall on outstretched wrist, status post carpal tunnel surgery

-cellulits, failed outpatient therapy

-multiple cervical fractures in a 93 year old man, still working every day of the week!



-partial small bowel obstruction

-baclofen overdose

-oxycontin overdose

-psychotic, agitated, involuntary committment to psych (I admitted him last week, too)

-leg pain

-shunt pain

-intubated, inebriated, unbelted driver who ran into a tree

-50 yo lady brought in by her husband for crying for 2 hours after an argument with her son.

There were a handful more, but that was my night. As you see, only one intubated patient, and he was handed over to the trauma team as soon as he left the trauma bay for imaging studies.