Today I flew for a double trauma only about 10 miles from my house. I got some great areal views of my house along the way too. It was a stretch of windy road, along a famous fly fishing creek. Involved were 3 cars and a tractor trailer, stretched out along the road over several hundred yards. They called in 2 helicopters, although we could have taken them both in just ours.

We met some pickup trucks in a field down the road from the accident, they were off-duty firemen/EMTs without turnout gear, so they got delegated to go meet the helicopter. We piled into the back of the pickup truck…something I found very funny, because I think that’s illegal in my state. Anyway, we got dropped off right between 2 ambulances. there were 3 of us, 2 kits, 2 monitors and 1 backboard. We split up and I went to the ambulance with the sicker sounding pateint. Her car was trashed, totally. The entire drivers side and hood were dust and glass powder. It’s amazing she survived at all.

Ironically, she had been driving herself to the hospital because she was having chest pain. (That’s why you should call 911 to take you to the hospital for chest pain! Press reports, and the reports we got from patients at the scene differ in what vehicle initiated the crash.)

She was OK, though, at least, not dying on the spot, so I hopped out and checked on the other guy. He was a little better than she was. I hopped out again, took pictures of the wreck, of the firemen and was just about to zero in on the tractor trailor whose cab perched just off the edge of the road and hung above the famous fly fishing creek.

But duty interupted. I called in medical command from a cell phone, then we returned to the helicopter, just in time to see the 2nd helicpter land in the field. We loaded up and took her back to the hospital, arriving just minutes before the 2nd helicoper did. THe trauma bay was FULL of people…xray techs, lab techs, chaplians, the trauma doc, the trauma residents, my staff ER docs, all the nurses…man it was totally exciting and yet at the same time, totally normal.

I wish every day started as well.