First of all, congratulations to GruntDoc. Not only did he with the Best Medical BLog of the Year, but he made front page news on the monthly trade mag, “Emergency Physician’s Monthly.”

I emptied out my mailbox today and scanned the front page of the current issue. Right there, front page news, is the headline, “Join the Blog, EM weblogs make communicating with colleagues easier than ever.” My heart started pounding. OMG, I thought to myself. I’m done for. What if they’ve listed EM physician blogs? I mean really…there’s only a handful of EM docs blogging…

I’ve tried to keep a low profile and some anonymity to avoid any problems like those that befell my formerly favorite blog, “Hermes”, which was shut down by his residency program.

I quickly flipped to page 20, to look for the list of EM blogs that was certain to be there, and much to my relief…there were none. I have to admit a small amount of jealousy, but I’ve actually turned down several interview opportunities in order to maintain some privacy in my blog. Not that I don’t want you all to keep reading it though.

Congrats to GruntDoc once again!