This is the bridge I didn’t ride over.

OK, the title should really be in the singular, in which case the name is a misnomer and the title of the post should just be “Hill.” That would describe my ride!

It turned into a beautiful, sunny day a little on the cool side (47 degrees), which made it a perfect afternoon for a short bike ride. I headed off in a new direction, inspired by the collection of rides authored by Oscar Swan that I linked to last month. With the sun out, and the ride being high on the banks of the river, it was full-on Ultraviolet time for almost the whole ride. I headed down into an area called “Rankin”, turned right at the river, came back through Swissvale, down COmmercial street, which then requires you to climb straight back up the hills into Squirrel Hill. I calculated the average grade of the hill at 18% based on the elevation change and approximate distance, which needless to say, made it TOUGH! I took a break in a new housing plan half way up, then did the last (and steepest) half and cruised back home. Hopefully I can create a training environment similar to the San Fransico Hills right here at home so I’m well prepared. Trying to turn my pool into the San Franscico Bay, however, will be a little more difficult.