Hey, I just realized that today’s date is three four five. Did anyone else realize that? I’m sure you did, but I’ve been so stuck in my own little world that the little things have been escaping me. I find great pleasure in numbers. 3 4 5 just makes me smile. I get a kick out seeing my odometer form palindromic numbers. Yesterday a friend told me her pager number. It was easier for me to remember “A prime number, followed by 3 squared” instead of 1309. I always smile when I look at a digital clock and it says 11:19 (my birthday). I really enjoyed the year 2002, as you can imagine (a palindrome). Two of my friends have birthdays on four five (April 5th), so I will never forget those. My mother’s birthday is five and five-squared (May 25th). My father’s birthday is two prime numbers in a row, plus, he’s twins (well half) My brothers birthday is 3×4, 4×4. My birthday? Again, two primes. I got to pick my hospital pager number and guess what? Two times four is eight. Oh. 2480. 🙂 One of my all time favorites was a friend’s parents phone number. Part of it went like this “one one and a …, two twos and a …, three threes and a …” Fun with numbers. Given that clue, I guess there are about 10,000 possible combinations of phone numbers. PLus, you don’t know if the 10th digit (i’ve supplied clues to 9 of them) goes first or last, so I guess that would double the combinations? If you’re bored and reach his parents, tell them doc shazam says hi!

Does anyone else enjoy numbers like this?