July 3rd
Today is the inverse of yesterday. All night long I was afraid to move, afraid to open my eyes, fearful that my head would start to throb again, or that I would become nauseated again. I woke up groggy, walked to work and sat down. I had hoped I could lay down in the call room for the first 2 hours until patients began to arrive, but the overnight doc took a post call nap (and watched the tour), leaving me to face the stack of charts from last night.

I kept my water bottle next to me all day and drank frequently between patients. I didn’t allow myself any caffiene (diuretic) until I had urinated several times. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE…this is a small hospital) asked me how I was feeling. I sheepishly thanked them all for helping me out last night. They were all smiles…

‘That wasn’t the first time I’ve started an IV on a doc…’

The day picked up and I surfed through chief complaints like a pro. xray here, labs there, no treatment needed here. All my patients thanked me for my help. They all left with smiles. I reduced a dislocated finger thrice! (the same one…it dislocated everytime he bent it!)

By the time my shift was done, I had a ton of energy, but was bummed that it was getting late. When will I ever get my bike ride in? Five days here and I havn’t done any significant exercise…damn this altitude! But those anxious thoughts were immediately calmed when I walked out the door adn saw…mountains. Mountains all around me. beautiful, fresh, piney. The elk munching leaves at the hospital entrance was a nice touch, too. I went home, fed the cats, grabbed my PC and practically skipped with joy to the nearest coffee shop. I had a smile from ear to ear on my face that I couldn’t have gotten rid of if I’d tried to. Where was it coming from? I think I know, all I have to do is look around. Wow, this feels great.