Yesterday afternoon, after the heartbreaking loss to the Ravens, I hopped on my bike to ride off into the twilight and into the park. My new Nightrider light was fully charged, and ready for it’s first test. It was awesome. The air was cool & crisp, I was perfectly dressed, well a little overdressed really. I found a new “shortcut” trail in the park behind my house, headed over to a new single track trail, all while listening to some great music on my Nano. THe light was fantastic, except at one point, it switched from the highbeam to the LED only without me pushing any buttons or any wires coming loose. Maybe it overheaded, but it didn’t “feel” hot to me. I certainly wasn’t riding all that fast…myabe that’s an incentive to ride faster, so my light stays cool! I finished the first loop, rode back up the hill, headed across teh bridge, down another trail winding to the bottom of the ravine, back up the other side to the far end of the park overlooking the river, then finally back out onto the rode to cruise home. Rigth at the end, I hopped back into the park for another 1/4 mile or so of trail, across the bridge again and back up the “shortcut” trail to my house. Not sure how far, but I rode for about 74 minutes. I need to learn some of the single track at teh far end to make that loop really nice. If you live near me, and read my blog, and know the trails at Frick, send me a shout!