I have a new bicycle that I will post a picture of soon. That means my old reliable Bridgestone is free to move on to bigger and better assignments than riding in triathlons. It has already retired for the most part from true mountain biking having displaced by an open ended loaner bike with front shocks.

So I decided to see what single speeding is like. A single speed is a bike with only one gear. It’s pretty novel these days, but at one time it was the only option of course. Would you believe that there are people that ride nothing but singles speeds on trails? Like my blog friend Stacy in Japan, for example.

I rode in the middle chainring up front and the 18 or 20 gear in the back. I only let myself use those two back gears. I was told that 2:1 or 2:(1+2) was a good ratio. The ride was challenging, but a lot of fun. It added a new element to the ride as I was either pushing at a really slow cadence to get up the hills, crusing comfortable, or spinning at 100+ cadence on the downhills. There was no hill that I couldn’t climb, but the toughest by far was my driveway at the very end!

I liked it enough that I’m goign to go thru with the full conversion, which mostly means removing all the stuff you non longer use for switching gears, and getting rid of the rest of the gears!

About 10 minutes after I got back from my ride, I got a phone call from work. I was on call today, so I went in for 5 hours to help out. I get paid an hourly rate for that, plus 2 hours just for showing up, so I earned a nice chunk of change tonight…that I can also turn in for vacation time instead. 🙂