Some selected comments in reponse to Pegadocs recent musings regarding medical terminology for female body parts and secretions. This post is a must read if you care about being precise in such things, or just for a good laugh.

Somedays it’s like goop, somedays like yuck, somedays it’s clear and some days like the sediment of wine. It’s a changeable substance but always the same, part of us. So what’s it called anyway, because now I don’t even know?

I too decided to use proper terminology with my grand child. This worked fine until I had to figure out what she meant by “my china” hurts. Eventually this was solved, and a removal of the bubble bath we were using helped with the pain.

most vaginal discharge ISN’T a nuisance, not at all, especially when we’re turned on. And day to day, not nuisance, just like saliva’s not a nuisance, or bad. Food would taste, err, tasteless? without saliva, right? Eating would be LOTS less pleasant. Vaginas without labation, slip, or mellifluid wouldn’t feel nearly as good.