A total slack/tourist day. I still walked several miles, which in San Francisco is no joke, but it was relaxing nonetheless. I caught a ride to Fisherman’s Wharf with my PIttsburgh buddy, said our goodbyes, and then I caught the ferry to Sausalito.

I spent the afternoon relaxing, reading, getting sunburnt, drinking ice tea, and being entertained by an old gray-haired hippe with gray-haired dachsund, who claimed to have a rich ex-wife. Apparently his dog has a web site, I havn’t checked it out yet.

Got back to Pier 39 and noticed the sea lions for the first time, so I went to a restaraunt (out of the wind) and sat next to the window eating Ahi Tuna watching the sea-lions fight.

The wind finally died down (relatively, I heard it was still about 30 knots), so I thought that an hour-long sunset tour of the bay and golden gate bridge on the bridge of a motor boat would be a great idea… and it was! I got hammered with only one BIG wave near the end of the tour.

We cruised under the bridge, I made a wish (which I’m keeping a secret!), then back around Alcatraz island. It was a great way to finish my trip.