“Since I’m not going to keep the baby anyway…”

This one really takes the cake. A lady comes in 8 weeks pregnant, left flank pain. Acting wierd. Just discharged from neighboring hospital same day for same complaint. Doesn’t know what her diagnosis was. “a virus”. Wants the pain medicine that starts with a “D”. “Dilantin?” she asked. Umm. No. I’m not giving you dilantin (or dilauded or demerol). Then she wants the “N” medicine. Nubain. Nubain is category “?” in pregnancy. Umm. No, I’m not giving you nubain.

I lay down the law. I tell her that all narcotics are potentially harmful in pregnancy and I’m not giving you any more (got some MS in teh ambulance, and a little more through triage via a verbal order). How about something to help me relax, she says. Umm. No.

So finally, her mother comes out. She’s in a lot of pain. She says she’s not going to keep the baby anyway, she’s going to get an abortion. So can you give her some of those pain medicines? Um, no. So after normal labs, normal IUP ultrasound, normal urine & normal kidney ultrasounds, I kick them both out.

This chick had the wool pulled so far down over mother’s eyes, I actually felt bad for the mother.