Mr. Hassle’s Long Underpants recently underwent a complete make-over. (And I only got a handful of comments on it…love it or hate it, let me know!)

Part of the makeover was the addition of two different sources of ad revenue that hopefully do little to interfere with your enjoyment of the site.

Why did I decide to use ads?

I realized that I had quite a bit of traffic to this website after over three years of (somewhat) regular posting on real stuff…not just random drivel. I get several dozen search engine hits a day on just about every topic I’ve ever written about (and yes, even ‘underpants’).

I also realized that my enthusiasm for the site was flagging as you may have picked up in posts a few months ago…not so much for the site, as it has meant an awful lot to me, but rather for my job. Well, I won’t go into that now.

So with nothing to lose, I figured that I would give two sources for ad revenue a shot.

The old Standby, Adsense, which you see below each post and probably don’t need explaining as they are fairly ubiquitous on the net.

The second is a little more interesting, a company called “Text Link Ads”. You see the text link ads in the upper right under “sponsors”. Pretty unobtrusive, right? I have the ability to screen whose ads appear so that they match my blog theme. For example, I’d be unlikely to accept ads from a medical malpractice law firm.

If you’re having trouble seeing the ads, for example “EMR Software”, try going back to the main page of my site, instead of the post page of my site…just click on the title bar, MR. Hassle’s Long Underpants.

So how much have I made? About $20 so far, which is better than $0. I figure it will pay for site hosting and give me just enough incentive to continue posting new stuff…which is what you come here for in the first place, right?

BTW, if you are interested in hosting ads on your site, use the Text Link Ads button in the right hand column (below the archives) to sign up for a free publishers account. If you are accepted (not all sites are), and install the script on your website for 7 days, I’ll get a $25 commission. The script is as unobtrusive as what you see under “sponsored links” in my right sidebar. Only the first one is an ad, EMR Software. (BTW, feel free to visit them so that they keep renewing their ad each month). The second two links I added myself.

So there you go…the WHY of my ads, the WHAT of my ads, and the HOW MUCH of my ads.