The other day I got a mini care package from a friend. Tea and cookies (sort of). It was a nice box and I opened it and left it on my desk. My nice, clean, clutter free desk. I left the box there for the evening, then the next day, then the next 3 evenings.

At first it was just nice to see everytime I walked by, but then I noticed something. The box had gravity. It attracted all sorts of things to it. Mail for one. Junk mail, mostly. A few bills made it out of the pile to where they belonged but other things piled up at the base of the special box, making the box not so special after all.

I began feeling stressed. My life became cluttered and confused. I didn’t know what to do next, nor if I’d forgotten something important.

And then I moved the box. I put the contents of the box away, where they belonged. The tea, with the rest of my tea consumables. And the cookies, well, they went in the cupboard where cookies belong.

And my mind cleared. And the desk cleared. All the magnetic junk mail got filtered into the trash. My bills got paid, the dishes got done and I picked up wallet up from the planter next to my desk.

The moral of the story? Eat your cookies and drink your tea before you are the one that’s consumed.

(But it’s still nice to send me care packages!)