Call me crazy, but last weekend, only a week after my Escape from Alcatraz, and before heading to work at 4pm, I drove north about 1 1/2 hours to do a sprint distance triathlon. I slept in a creepy campground, woke up at 5am, headed to the race site and waited for the park range to open the gates! I registered in my age group as the lady did a double take…” you don’t look that old!”.

It was a 1/2 mile swim, 9.5 mile bike, 3.5 mile run. It was about 50 degrees, overcast and windy. Can you imagine standing aroudn getting ready to swim in that weather? I was sans wetsuit, figuring I was now a tough gal after swimming in San Francisco Bay. The water temp was actually OK, I swam hard but my time was slow…I think this swim was longer than 1/2 mile.

I did the bike ride on my mountain bike since my road bike was still en route from SanFran. The run was last and I forced myself to run the entire way, no walkign, with quick little pickups along the way, not fast enough to force me to walk. The end result was a personal best run! 10 minutes 17 seconds per mile!

And the best part is that I won a medal! I came in 3rd in my age group, out of five. I was shocked. granted, it wasn’t the fastest group of 35-40 year olds around, but with my smoking run time, I went back and looked up the results of one of the tris I did last year. Between small improvements in my run, my bike and maintianing my swim I think I can take 30 minutes off of my Oly time for this fall. It sounds like a lot, but if you knew how slow I (used to be)… you’d think it was doable too!

Race medal pic to come