Thought I’d try to revive this blog the same way I’m reviving my sourdough starter…by cultivating the good and allowing that growth to eliminate the bad.  This blog used to be about my discoveries & fun encounters with a variety of things…birding, biking, learning medicine, etc.  Then it became a rant against the current status of american health care & delivery.

Well I don’t want to cultivate that anymore.  I want to revive my expression of learning & wonder about the world that surrounds us.

Sourdough, i learned, is active due to two primary organisms…yeast & lactobacillus.  The particular strains of each are what gives sourdough it’s wonderful taste.  2 days ago I dug out a starter I’d made nearly a year ago. It was more like a science project than a starter.  I carefully scraped off the mold & oxidized gray parts and scooped the rest into a bowl. I added some warm water, stirred vigerously to reoxygenate and added some flour.

To may amazement, the next day I found bubbles!  I carefully stirred & fed it again following the instructions here for reviving sourdough.

This morning, I actually got out a food scale, I want to do it right. I measured out 100 grams of my revival project, added 50 g of water and 50 g of flour and set it in the oven with the light on.  If all goes well, I’ll be blogging about some amazing bread in a few days. Stay tuned.