Gunshots Bring Hope in Search for Missing Ranger

I havn’t gotten to play in the search because I’ve been working every day since he’s been missing. I had an opportunity to go out on a night hike last night, but I passed because I’m working a 26 hour shift today. I figured I would just end up being another casualty, either in the field, or back at work the next day.

Video of the search area couresy WCCO

Here are some additional news stories from the Denver Post, with links to articles in chronological order

If you read through, there was a “breakthrough” on day 3 or 4, when one of the published news stories brought forward a couple who had seen him on the day he went missing. An important tennant of managing search operations is on having a “point last seen” or PLS, as well as the time. Based on the potential travel speed of the subject and this information, you can zoom in or out on your search area. The more accurate the information, the better. It makes me wonder why they didn’t invite media in sooner to get other eyewitness accounts. Hikers in the area come up for the day and leave, or are in the park vacationing for a week and then back home, whether that’s Kansas, Connecticut or Germany. The longer they wait to ask for eyewitnesses, the less chance they have of finding them. Things that make you go Hmmm…