Today is my one year aniversery of being a “real” doctor, or in other words, an attending physician. In the interem, I have

1) Completed an olympic distance triathlon (never thought I could do it)
2) Won a spot for the Alcatraz Triathlon (never thought I would)
3) Passed my written board exam (was just a little worried)
4) Returned to COlorado for a week to fill in…and felt right at home right away.
5) Passed my oral board exams (the ultimate achievement for any physicain, I think)
6) Finished the Alcatraz Triathlon! (didn’t get eaten by sharks, swept out to see, finish last or die on the 8 mile run)
7) Won a medal the very next weekend!
8) Set aspirations to try and win a medal at the upcoming triathlon mentioned in #1 for this coming year.

It’s neat how everything comes full circle, isn’t it?