Two new blogroll additions to bring to your attention.

Tundra Medicine Dreams, by a Physician’s Assistant living in alaska, practicing “Bush Medicine”. Here’s what she has to say:

Because Bush medicine is different. The geographical challenges and the structure of the health care delivery system are unlike anything in the rest of the United States.

Because dog mushing is exciting. The sport is incredibly fun, and the relationship between a dog team and the musher is deeply rewarding.

Because tundra life is endlessly fascinating. The land here is wide open and totally wild. The sky is huge. The rivers are untamed. The climate demands respect and attention. It is an amazing place to live.

Keith Bontrager Diaries, hosted by Cycling News…(also your source for live updates on the Tour de France)

Keith Bontrager is best known as the bike and component design guru behind his eponymous road and mountain bike components, but behind the scenes the man universally known as KB is an enthusiastic and well-respected endurance mountain bike racer.

KB has taken part in a over 50 24-hour races in the last few years, and in his diary takes us inside the mental, physical and technical challenges of long-distance mountain bike racing while juggling the demands of an active interest in the successful international business he began all those years ago.

Look for an update soon on his 8 day, mountain-bike stage race through the entire country of portugal.