So this guy was admitted with severe epistaxis requiring posterior nasal packing. He lost 3 units of blood in hours due to the amount of bleeding. AFter blood trasnfusion and admission to the hospital, the packing was removed. Of course with that much of a nosebleed, you swallow a bunch of blood. So they put an NG tube in to get the blood out of his stomach that he was vomiting. Well, guess what happened?

That’s right, clots disrupted, fountain explodes. While the room packed full of nurses and residents was in a state of gridlock, I pushed my way through, had someone crank up the wall suction, grabbed a flashlight and managed a posterior bleed on the hospital floor while I was supposed to be covering the ER. Nobody else knew how to do it, so I figured I was either going to take care of the guys gushing nose now, or get called back up to tube him when he coded.

Posterior balloon and a pair of tongue blades taped together and wedged onto his nose pretty much stopped the bleeding, but the ENT came in to scope him anyway. Don’t know what the outcome was, but I’m glad I bought shoes to wear only in the hospital.