My new hospital is definately different from the last one, and I’m liking it a lot better. HIV, Hepatitis C, teen pregnancies, screaming old people, syphillis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, intoxication, drug abuse, the works. I’m loving it.

The coolest so far is the lady who put her and through a glass window while swinging a hammer at her son. She had a laceration of an artery in her finger as well as a complete laceration of the extensor tendon. The first part of the fun was stopping the bleeding, which was pumping from both severed ends of the artery. With the nurses help we were able to suction enough pumping blood away to see the origin of the blood…then it became obvious. The small artery was about 1mm in internal diameter and the entire muscular wall with outer layer created a structure about 2mm in diameter that was white…it almost looked like a piece of tendon. Even as I was tying a suture aroud it, I thought to myself, “the orthopedic surgeon is going to think I’m an idiot, suturing off a tendon like this.”

But the bleeding slowed down, so we continued and found the other end of it. One suture later and the bleeding had stopped. Cool. Now I could search for other injuries, like the obvious completely lacerated extensor tendon! I couldn’t find the proximal end, so I put two loose sutures in the overlying skin to help protect the works inside, then shipped her off to the big house (with hand surgeons).