Mabye my last post was too morbid or sad to garner any comments.

So I thought I’d share something more lighthearted. Any comments on dream interpretation are welcome. For some background, my dad & I went fishing together for the first time in many, many years about 2 weeks ago. He thinks it’d been about six, but I think it’s been more like 25. I honestly can’t remember the last time we went fishing together, but he’s got a better memory than I do.

Anyway, here’s the dream I had the other night as told to my cousin Keith:

We were fishing for steelhead, only it was in a big meandering stream with a lake like still section. It was dark, the stars were out. I was casting…it must have been north…because I was looking at the big dipper on the skyline while I was fishing. Then it got light out, and all the water went out of the stream, like low tide, except it wasn’t the ocean. I looked around and started saying, “Fishies, fishies!”. There were stranded fish of all sizes everywhere and I was looking for the nice colored steelhead. I found a silvery gray fish that had a big hook in his mouth. I picked him up & took him to my dad to take the hook out of his mouth. Then the water came back into the stream and I let him go, but had to hold him upright for awhile before he could swim away on his own. Then I woke up.

“Gratuituous Fish Pic” courtesy of my cousin KM.