I thought I learned my lesson last week about not quitting until the end, so I gave this fast crit everything I had until the very end…or so I thought!

The Thunder, lightening and rain held off until about lap 3 of the womens race. The pre-race talk was that “if it thunders, we’ll ring the bell and the next lap will be it”.

So off we go, I was doing great! At lap 3(?4, 5) I heard the bell and moved up to the front half of the group. I drafted into the first turn, pulled out and got close(ish) to teh front. I was going the fastest I’ve ever gone so far on the track, I hit 30+ mph! I was stoked. I really poured on as much as I had left and was in 5th position, then had 2 women pass me at the finish line and I was totally spent…more spent that I’ve ever felt before. I coasted down the starting hill and aroudn the corner when the marshal starts yelling at me. “GET BACK ON!”

What? I thought that was the bell lap. But everyone was still racing. I had heard thunder even on our last lap. I had no chance of getting back in and pulled out of the race, pissed that i had spent it all on a prime lap. My quads were fried, I couldn’t even bend over to pick something off the ground b/c I felt like my legs would buckle.

The race continued for a total of 7 laps. One other women dropped out on my lap puking. Another woman dropped out on the 2nd to last lap, I’m not sure why.

Anyway, it was bogus that they continued the race under those conditions, especially when the termination of the race was unclear.

but I rode faster than I ever have before short of being on a downhill. 🙂