Schizophrenic lady comes to the ER needing a change of scenery. Tries her best to get admitted to Hotel Urban Memorial, but instead gets dragged back to her group home by her case worker.

Fast forward 8 hours and she’s back again, called 911 from a convenience store on the corner near her group home. She REALLY wants to be admitted this time, in fact, she wants to go to the BIG psych house to be with her roommate who was moved there earlier in the day.

She even tries the “I’m suicidal” trick.

While waiting for her caseworker she wants to go for a smoke. We tell her no, she can’t leave the hospital by herself.

“When is my room going ot be ready?” She cackles in a harsh tobacco voice.

The charge nurse patiently tells her she needs to wait.

“Can I have a blanket?” She shrieks.

Yes we’ll get you one.

When it doesn’t arrive within five seconds, “Why are you being so mean to me?” she whimpers.

“Can I go out for a smoke?”

No, we tell her for the umpteenth time.

“Then I’m going home!”

You can’t leave, we tell her.

“Where is my case worker?” She demands

She’s on her way, the nurse repeats.

“I’m going home with her. ”

Fine, just wait in your room please.

“Can I have a smoke?”