Ugh. Tomorrow I have a day off, and it’s raining cats and dogs right now. The rocks will be slimy and wet and the mosquitoes will be attacking in swarms. Oh what to do on a rainy day? I am swimming in a triathalon in less than 2 weeks, 1.5 kilometers, the “metric mile”. I am not ready. I have been unable to train the past 4 days due to work. I thought I had 4 weeks to get ready, but I was confusing it with a .5 mile swim in a different triathalon. I have to work on both days of the 2 triathalons, so I cannot enter the whole race. But since I am only doing the swim, I should be able to get back and be at work by noon. I hate missing fun stuff for work. This weekend I missed two summer events, the Iron Heritage Festival with recreations of life in the 1800s in my town, as well as the “biggest rodeo east of the Mississippi” with real rodeo professionals and all…held at a small farm about 30 minutes away. I went last year and it was a lot of fun, I had planned to go this year and take some photos, but it obviously didn’t happen. I have 2 days off coming up and I was planning on going home, but we have a mandatory meeting on one of those days, so that obviously won’t happen either. I’m feeling bitter about work right now for all the reasons above so I don’t have any cool case studies for you, just bitter complaints. When can I retire?

Maybe tomorrow I can post the awesome hand dislocation I treated yesterday.

Hey, how come no one leaves any comments? Why don’t I get any fascinating debate or long conversations taking place in my comment log? Do I need to start talking about decomposing bodies like Brian does at Autopsy Report?