I have to admit that when I started this, I had no idea what blogging was, or that other medical blogs existed! I am happy to have found this ‘community’ of like minded bloggers. This is something that I had intentions on doing since I started medical school, but didn’t have the patients to either hand code the HTML for the site, or to try and write an automated script to do the work for me. But I was always impressed with Hugh Pratt’s site that he coded entirely by hand, once a week for the entire course of his medical school career! I have to say that he is my “parent” blog, the blog that inspired me to start my own, albiet five years later, and I believe that he was ahead of his time in maintaining his weekly web diary. You can review his entire medical school career at his site, which he no longer maintains. I bet if he knew about the incredibly easy web based tools available now, he might resume his writing career.

Hugh, by the way, interviewed me for medical school, and was the first one to call and congratulate me on my admission!

So I felt compelled to log on to Blog Tree and entre both my own blog as well as Hugh’s original site. If my blog has inspired you to start your own, or you want to help document those that have, check out blog tree.