1) The lack of significant feedback to my “pick your patient’s nose” post (thanks victor & anna) just goes to show that there is no accounting for humor. The synchronicity leading up to that post was just uncanny! First Ilyka posts about a patient with a fingernail stuck up her nose and I am ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). The VERY NEXT DAY, I see this patient with a vitamin C up her nose. The fist question the consult asks , “how old is she?” “Forty,” I say. “Four?” “No, forty.” Pause at the other end of the phone. “Is she institutionalized?” “No, she caughed and it came back up into her nose.”

So I post about a silly little event in the dramatic style in which victor interpreted my speedy gonzolas post about the young woman who had just had a heart attack (a much more serious event than a vitamin c up your nose). And again, I am ROTFL! At myself! At my silly, clever little post about getting a vitamin stuck up your nose. I hope some of you laughed just as hard and just didn’t share with me. 😉 Moral: Dont swallow your vitamins when you’re in a hurry.

2) It’s fun being an R2. I know a few random things. Like how to give a mental block (to numb your lower incisors and lips). My colleague, knows how to use dycal to repair fractured teeth. Between the 2 of us, we can take care of a patient in pain with a fractured tooth and lacerated lip. (He was an unhelmeted ATV driver).

3) OK, I feel like a bird dropping for this one, though…I found out that the amazing bird watching I was able to do was because I was in the wildlife refuge area! Doh! I thought it was the other end of the lake that was the refuge. That explains the four herons and the giant fish that tried to eat me the next day as well. Now that I think about it, there are some markers on the shore, but I didn’t realize that those pertained to the water as well. It’s amazing what wildlife will come if people stay away! (People besides me, that is!)