Yesterday was a slow day, it moved about as fast as molasses. We have lectures thursday mornings, so by the time lectures are done, the 7am-4pm shift people are halfway done. That was my shift. I saw only 2 patients the rest of the day. One was a bee sting in a guy with a history of anaphylaxis to bee stings. All he had was one hive, he felt pale and dizzy, but no trouble breathing. I gave him the works….epinephrine SC, steroids, benedryl, cimetidine and fluids. He felt better and his hives were gone so I let him go home after an hour or so. The other was a lady with chest pain, who I left in the department to have a second set of cardiac enzymes drawn. I think she was having acid reflux though. I’ll find out what happened to her today.

I found out (the painful way) that it is OK to violate HIPPA if, in using my professional judgement, (and I am a professional), it is necessary in order to fully evaluate a person’s need for medical or psychiatric intervention. Check.

One more shift before I have the weekend off, it’d be nice if I only see 2 patients again, but somehow I am doubtful about that.