Finally, the day I’ve been looking forward to since my first day of surgery as a 3rd year medical student: The day I run the service!

Remember how much I ranted about having to look up labs, fill out morning progress notes and collect data for the attendings to look at? Well today, for the first time ever, I had the role of the upper level resident on service. An intern and a medical student, scurrying ’round, gathering labs, writing orders, filling out requests, asking me to cosign. Yipee, I’m finally off the bottom! (In the ED, my role doesn’t change a whole lot from intern to upper level because even as interns, we see our own patients with only attending supervision.) So I was thrilled when the 3rd year surgery resident gave me the service for the day while she ran the trauma that came in. It’ll probalby get old soon, but in the meantime, it’s a novelty!

Boy that was quite a charge. OK, if I absolutely HAVE to do an inpatient rotation as part of my emergency medicine residency, I’d rather be an upper level than an intern. Cool.