Well, I promised I wouldn’t blog about cardiology, but just wanted to share that the interns have made progress in their documentation. The cool part, is that we had 2 cases last week where the intern H&P, well documented, made significant impacts on patient care. Both involved patients with heart catheterizations. One lady was noted to have noisy arterial blood flow over the site where her catheterization was done (called a bruit), but thanks to a great H&P, we all knew that it was there before her cath as well! The other was a guy who had some stents placed in his heart, who required a “fem stop” device to place pressure on the femoral artery to keep it from bleeding after the procedure. The risk with this is that arterial blood flow is cut off from the remaining leg down below. Again, thanks to thorough H&P, his diminished pedal pulses were identical to his pulses PRIOR to placing the device.