This is my last post of the day…but I just wanted to point this out. Being an ER physician, the topics of drug and overdoses is always of interest. My first thought on reading this article was simply that if a puppy died of a heroin overdose, it would just fall asleep, and probably wouldn’t be unpleasant in any way. Sadly, these puppies died of infections instead. THis story reminds of Steve Martin’s Cat Juggling from the movie The Jerk. We’ve got to stop not only the cat juggling, but also puppy packing!

WHen I hear stories like this I am infuriated at every heroin user I’ve ever met. Many may view them as victims, but were it not for the end user of drug smuggling products, there would be no market for the drugs in the first place. Drug use affects so many lives beginning with the rural farmers of columbia whose villages are taken over by gangs to cut down coffee and grow cocaine instead. Now labrador retriever puppies. What is the world coming to?

For goodness sakes, if you’re that desparate to get high, just buy some McCormick’s Poppy Seeds and plant your own opium. Better yet, take up skydiving, rockclimbing, white water kayaking or mountain biking. Some people even get a rush from long distance running, although I”m not really sure I can understand that one.