July 1st
Today I start my first day of work. I’m nervous, but the department is quiet. There are no patients for the first hour. THe overnight doc stays to help orient me, but it’s difficult with so few patients. A lady with a nose bleed shows up…one of the worst I’ve ever seen, and guess what? no ENT docs to call. I summon up my recollections of watching them work, and cauterize/surgicel & vaseline gauze pack her perforated septum and stop the bleeding. Overnight doc asks if he can leave. Sure, I guess so, I tell him.

Little boy from the prarie comes in who didn’t know how to use the hand brakes on his bike (he’s in the mointains now). No helmet on. Whacks his head. I almost didn’t scan him, but he vomited while I was examining him. I wondered why he had echymosis on JUST his upper eyelid and not the whole eye. Turns out he had a skull and orbital fracture with a small subdural hematoma. My unit clerk calls children’s hospital for me, and I give report to the ED doc on the other end. My FIRST transfer!!! I’ve always been on the recieving end…the giving end is much more fun.

First day ends without a hitch.