Head-on tractor trailer collision. Apparently the wind picked up the northbound truck and ‘helped’ it across the median strip into another tractor trailer. The mechanism alone is enough to call a trauma alert.

Circling over the scene in the chopper was amazing. Traffic was backed up as far as we could see to the north. The accident happened right at an overpass, conveniently, so traffic was being routed off the interstate and back onto it. When we came in for our final approach, they stopped traffic and we landed right on the interstate. From the air, we could see both trailors. One was on it’s side, the other was standing upright, but it seemed there was nothing left of the cab. Once I got onto the ground, I got a good look at the cab…the only thing left was his seat, which he was belted into.

He was a real nice guy, and kept asking about his cell phone. I slipped it into my jacket coat and forgot about it until we unloaded back at the hospital. Once the rotors stopped, I heard this strange ringing noise, I thought it was his monitor…then I realized it was his cell phone in my pocket! Later, I saw him walking down the hallway in the ED, and I commented about it. With a real big smile, he said, “I’m a real popular guy!” A real lucky guy, I say. By every right, he should have been killed instantly, but he walked away with a few minor fractures.