Nine days in a row, then a week’s vacation, then 8 days in a row & finally a day off. Vacation doesn’t really seem like time off because it leaves little time at home to get things done, and I spent most of today catching up on sleep.
Three on, one off, three on, two off, one on and I’m done.

Got together with my classmates tonight for a final dinner and a beer, it was fun, interesting to hear differing perspectives on what’s coming up. OF course, I had to get in my ride first, this time I hit the trails alone, but met up with one of our interventional cardiologists also enjoying the trails. I told him I didn’t know the trails very well, so he waited for me at the top of the hill and showed me a few. I got back to my car and was putting the bike away, pulling some shorts over my bike tights that I was embarassed to show up at the restraunt in, and about ten guys came screaming down the last hill of the course from last weekend’s bike race. One of them skidded to a stop right in front of my car, thrust out his hand and introduced himself. Then the rest of the guys gathered round and I met the whole crew and they invited me to ride with them. I wish I would have started riding the trails earlier, but in the big picture I’m pretty impressed that I’m doing what I am considering the back surgery and residency.