Hey, how come nobody gave me a good luck or a congrats on getting past the in-service exam? I’m sure you’re out there, let me know you care! It’s just one more hoop to jump through on the long, long road to board certification. My next hoop is USMLE (US Medical Liscensing Exam) Step 3, working on research ideas, spiffing up my CV and *gulp* starting to look for potential employment! YIKES!

Somewhere in there I’ll get my unrestricted liscense to practice medicine and a Drug Enforcement Agency Number. All of this costs money on top of the outrageous cost of medical school, to the tune of more than $500 bucks a pop for each exam, and license application. (well, the in-service exam was free!). Now 3rd year medical students have to take a clinical skills exam in addition to the first two steps of the board during medical school. I understand the clininical skills exam costs about $900, and each step of the boards is currently costing about $680. That aint small potatoes for anyone, let alone a student with no income!

Personally, I find the clinical skills exam to be an insult to medical schools. Why go through the process of accredidation if all of your students have to pay a grand to have a stranger watch them do 15 minute patient exams?

Ooops, this didn’t start out as a rant against the costs and hurdles of board certification, but it looks like it’s ending up that way. I’d better stop now and get back to the fun stuff I was doing before I decided to blog. Talk to you later.

BTW, I’ll be back in the ICU next week where I was when I started this blog in the first place. I’m sure you’ll get lots of great new stories…real stories, not just a gamers guide to an off – service rotation.