I just ordered my triathlon wet suit today.  I’m swimming the first leg of an Olympic Distance Triathlon in 9 days, a 1 mile swim.  Last year I promised that I wouldn’t do it without a wetsuit to add a little bouyancy and safety to the swim.  With tendrils of seaweed grabbing my ankles and wrists with every stroke, I’ll take a little help from the wetsuit.

I’ve been swimming 3-4 times per week, and it’s going pretty well.  I’m impressed with how good I feel afterwards, my entire body is relaxed, and nothing hurts.  Sometimes I hate coming back to gravity after getting out of the pool.  In fact, I’m almost addicted.  I think about swimming almost non-stop.  This happens every fall when I train for one of the local triathlons.  I’m thinking about doing a 3K ocean swim at the end of September as well…maybe by then I’ll be in shape for the 5K…

I wish I found the other 2 legs of the triathlon as easy as swimming, I’d be a superstar then! In my first triathlon, I finished smack in the middle of the entire field of 250 for the swim, including the men and elite athletes.  I was pretty impressed with myself, but my meager lead of 5 or 6 minutes in the swim didn’t hold up long on the rest of the course. 

Work is a little slow now, I’m doing my “research” month.  I worked a total of 14 shifts, went to ortho clinic a little bit to make up for the time I missed during surgery, and finally turned in an IRB application.  But I’ve had time to get to the pool and train as well.

I start full time again next week, so maybe I’ll have some fun stories.