Well, it was fast for me, maybe not for “real” cyclists. I did the River Road ride, which is super fast! It felt so great to be pedaling UPHILL at 17-18 miles per hour! The ride was 20 miles total, which was just right. The past two rides I’ve done, I’ve had the unique sensation of accelerating UPHILL! It’s totally cool. My legs start to feel the increased resistance in the road and it makes them want to go faster, and ZOOM, up I go.

I’m hoping friday’s ride will be about 30 miles, and I may be able to get a friend (who is a real cyclist with a real bike) to ride it with me…I assured him it would be a nice, slow ride for him. 😉

Did my longest run so far last night (30 minutes), need to get up to four miles for my race. And I got some nice comliments in the pool last night from a couple training for a sprint tri in 2 weeks in Virginia. They said it was fun to watch me swim.

All this training is paying off, I just wish work didn’t consume so many hours.