This was a fantastic day, the sun was out, the temperature was perfect. The lilacs are blooming as are the azaleas & magnolias. I did a 24 mile ride…my last “long” ride before the triathlon. It was beautiful and quiet. No amish farms on this ride, but below are a few photos of the ride. The covered bridge was marked on my topo map which is why I chose that road as part of my ride, but when I came upon it, it was totally unexpected. Secluded & peaceful, with a pileated woodpecker that I could never spot except with my ears.

After the ride, the day continued to get even better as hard as that is to believe! I met a new friend who showed me a climbing area TWO MILES from my house! I’ve been here for THREE years and took up biking because there was no clibing within an hour of here. ARGH! Anyway, the climbing was great, I did well, got a good upper body workout in and made a new friend. I forgot to bring my camera, though.

An unexpected covered bridge
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